Philippine, Alegria, Cebu

Lands of Paradise:
Cebu, Alegria, Philipine

We stand gazing from the funnelling tops
of the vast green earth across
a hidden Algerian world away from Malboal.
Hidden treasures in the Philipine.

A beautiful paradise full of peace and calm,
where I can meditate,
become relaxed.

It preserves the natural world all alone.

We reached out destination at Cebu and the birds…
their songs…
their brilliant plumage…
it melted my heart.

Alegria is perfection. The ocean and the land,
entwined within my heart


The joy we obtained from magnificiant dives there!

As we dove, we come across marine life,
and the world famous Sardine Run.

And aftewards, we talked of Coral Reefs, blue water, and tropical fish,
then plunged into the Ocean and swam underwater to Siargao Banday beach.

Hiding ourselves from marine life,
Observing them from afar.

There! See!

Creatures born in the darkness create their own light in the depths.
we searched for signs of life, ancient and vanished,
and uncover traces of the distant past.

Air gone, we ascended.

Panting, gasping breaths lead us to the wall, and we reflected
on the glory below where light was purple and blue…

My Lord!

The the sea was crystal clear.

Light everywhere!
A land of streams!

With sad hearts we left the ocean behind,
and turned our faces to the mountains.
And then…
we climbed.

We ascended Mt. Lanaya standing on its throne, shining in the early morning light.
A fairy land with dark Cangkalong fall.
and caves!
Such a wonder.
Oh to return to Cambusay and the Slay caves.

The treasures of Alegria are many.
The shimmering blue water,
magnificant rain forests,
a paradise for tourists and citizens alike.
Properity and progress grow by leaps and bounds.

Nature surrounded us.

Monterpeller falls cascading from head to toe,
the Canlaob falls and springs – filled with pure and shining water,
and the Kawasan falls in Badian Cebu…
It left us breathless.

Caught in its magic, we plunged into Aguinid Falls
like a blushing Hippocrene then took a flight and moved to the caves.
Those wonderous placed called Slay and Ambusay caves
But the darkness glittering in the light of lamps as we explored.

Still moving on,
we sought hidden paths at Cambais Falls and found splendour.
Magnificent waterfalls cascading over stones, roaring in our ears.
Then crossing the windy paths, we caught glimpses of Canloab Falls.

We will remember this journey,
because even though words pale and fade,
the Canyoneering falls still remains.

As our journey neared its end we traveled the Barangay Road,
then packed our luggage and moved towards Sta. Filomena,
washed in swirling waters into the ill-lit Tanon Strait.


Worn but exhaultant,
we decided to sit in Heritage park,
and there we saw the Philipine Urn covered with sloths.

Old Helga, the old Historian narrates everything.
She told me history.
Told me about the War that created chaos, defragmentation.
Told me how they left with ‘No Exit’ but grew anyway.

So Forlorn!

But their leader become the torch bearer, spreading light all around,
calming the chaos, making the future bright.

Now Philippine stands on its own
and prosperity fills its soul.
Drilling is about to start,
pulling treasures from the earth,
hoping for a better future.

Sitting with my pards, my mind wanders and I think
of traditions.
Charioted by Bacchus, I see the traditions from afar.
An amalgamation of Malayo-Polynesian and Hispanic culture,
with other influencers.

It makes me feel that I am also Philippine

Balikbayan Boxes open to reveal traditions that sprout from many places:
Wedding Rings
Different fragments of culture revealed.

The Pinoy diet filled me at the top.
The tradition of Biyanihan must be remembered.
The area that once was torn apart now healed.
‘Death’ gathering reverse the role.

That is all.

I penned it down and spread it everywhere.