Philippine, Alegria, Cebu

Lands of Paradise:
Cebu, Alegria, Philipine

We stand gazing from the funnelling tops
of the vast green earth across
a hidden Algerian world away from Malboal.
Hidden treasures in the Philipine.

A beautiful paradise full of peace and calm,
where I can meditate,
become relaxed.

It preserves the natural world all alone.

We reached out destination at Cebu and the birds…
their songs…
their brilliant plumage…
it melted my heart.

Alegria is perfection. The ocean and the land,
entwined within my heart


The joy we obtained from magnificiant dives there!

As we dove, we come across marine life,
and the world famous Sardine Run.

And aftewards, we talked of Coral Reefs, blue water, and tropical fish,
then plunged into the Ocean and swam underwater to Siargao Banday beach.

Hiding ourselves from marine life,
Observing them from afar.

There! See!

Creatures born in the darkness create their own light in the depths.
we searched for signs of life, ancient and vanished,
and uncover traces of the distant past.

Air gone, we ascended.

Panting, gasping breaths lead us to the wall, and we reflected
on the glory below where light was purple and blue…

My Lord!

The the sea was crystal clear.

Light everywhere!
A land of streams!

With sad hearts we left the ocean behind,
and turned our faces to the mountains.
And then…
we climbed.

We ascended Mt. Lanaya standing on its throne, shining in the early morning light.
A fairy land with dark Cangkalong fall.
and caves!
Such a wonder.
Oh to return to Cambusay and the Slay caves.

The treasures of Alegria are many.
The shimmering blue water,
magnificant rain forests,
a paradise for tourists and citizens alike.
Properity and progress grow by leaps and bounds.

Nature surrounded us.

Monterpeller falls cascading from head to toe,
the Canlaob falls and springs – filled with pure and shining water,
and the Kawasan falls in Badian Cebu…
It left us breathless.

Caught in its magic, we plunged into Aguinid Falls
like a blushing Hippocrene then took a flight and moved to the caves.
Those wonderous placed called Slay and Ambusay caves
But the darkness glittering in the light of lamps as we explored.

Still moving on,
we sought hidden paths at Cambais Falls and found splendour.
Magnificent waterfalls cascading over stones, roaring in our ears.
Then crossing the windy paths, we caught glimpses of Canloab Falls.

We will remember this journey,
because even though words pale and fade,
the Canyoneering falls still remains.

As our journey neared its end we traveled the Barangay Road,
then packed our luggage and moved towards Sta. Filomena,
washed in swirling waters into the ill-lit Tanon Strait.


Worn but exhaultant,
we decided to sit in Heritage park,
and there we saw the Philipine Urn covered with sloths.

Old Helga, the old Historian narrates everything.
She told me history.
Told me about the War that created chaos, defragmentation.
Told me how they left with ‘No Exit’ but grew anyway.

So Forlorn!

But their leader become the torch bearer, spreading light all around,
calming the chaos, making the future bright.

Now Philippine stands on its own
and prosperity fills its soul.
Drilling is about to start,
pulling treasures from the earth,
hoping for a better future.

Sitting with my pards, my mind wanders and I think
of traditions.
Charioted by Bacchus, I see the traditions from afar.
An amalgamation of Malayo-Polynesian and Hispanic culture,
with other influencers.

It makes me feel that I am also Philippine

Balikbayan Boxes open to reveal traditions that sprout from many places:
Wedding Rings
Different fragments of culture revealed.

The Pinoy diet filled me at the top.
The tradition of Biyanihan must be remembered.
The area that once was torn apart now healed.
‘Death’ gathering reverse the role.

That is all.

I penned it down and spread it everywhere.

Answer to this Question, if you want to…

I wanted to ask from all of you who write, Just say “yes” If you don’t want to explain it, even if you do, I would highly appreciate.

Have you ever deceived yourself while writing in a way you start writing something at the same time molding and pondering around, you distract youself by using your thoughts because you don’t want yourself not to be exposed in front of your own thoughts as well?

Maybe this question to many of you don’t appear to be good but still… I would love to hear your answer.

Other’s mind

Have you always regretted not to be like others?
It appears to be like a Chameleon,

that keeps on changing without self-realization,

making it a Hades underworld.

Why you can’t smile just like others.

To be like others is dependent on them.

When the feeling absurdity visits you,

asks you, Why you are not like others?

The feeling of strangeness make you down

Leads you to the underground

Making the situation even more pathetic,

and stuck you in a state of Kamaloka.

You delve into the deep ocean of your thoughts.

Consciousness! You have not roamed around me for so long.

Alas! Waiting for the luck is an illusion.
Welcoming other thoughts imprison you.
A chance, a backbone is always needed.
Best are those who do not think,
Go with the flow has always remained a quote
Quote unquote not to go with the flow and think again.

Is it a sin to be?
Is it a crime to think?
Secure, un-secure, devastate all.

Well, we imprison ourselves

Wondering for peace; that is something the world needs

A message to all, what you get when you get?

Exploiting others will perish instead of cherishing.

Existence! for so long you have been misinterpreted.

Indeed, if someone intends to spoil you,

lingering light is enough to fill your heart.

The world needs a helping hand.

Plagues, storms, deadly eyes served enough

Fear, anxiety, threats, insecurity have destruct others.

So, why be others?

Paint yourself with your own brush.

Peace out!

Little drops

The drops of memories infuse into your soul and make you grow
Would you ever wanted to be a free bird?
Not to be enchained by the thoughts
What would you do, if your wings get a chance to fly far away?
But to be a Bird is not an easy job with flying comes responsibility.
We always look for freedom, So, where does this freedom lies?
Freedom is a shadow and that shadow is within.
You can chase yourself if you are looking for it.
Give your spiritual being some time to nourish, it would give you some courage to find you.
Are you looking for help don’t call someone for that, you are a complete version of everything, everything is within you.
You don’t need someone to make you happy, encouraged, blessed, you are ocean and in that ocean, your eyes are the droplets.
Even if a few drops fall out don’t be bothered by them because the remaining Ocean is still there, and that is unaffected by little stones
Just fall them out and see the magic within you, you will become an enriched being.
Don’t worry about them being dried up. Once the rain shower in your ocean, they will again grow.
DON’T WAIT FOR Utopian world just create that in your mind and you will have everything that you need. Visualize your dreams and feel happy about it and you will it.

Stay safe and healthy. The world needs you. 🙂

Three important steps to unfold secret..

Making long story short in just three simple steps. Please try them out. After reading that book, I thought, no one should remain unaware of these steps. Everyone needs to know and apply them to have their desired goals come true.


Get clarity of the things in your mind, create a crystal clear picture what you want, it is called the power of visualization, and place yourself in a position where you want to, and feel it, feelings are powerful tool to make everything according to you, they give you signals of future happenings.


It’s super important to have a firm belief, think for a moment in every religion believe is the core. So, moving forward, if you want to loose weight, don’t focus on loosing weight, focus on the picture of yours that you have in your mind and imaginning yourself in that perfect weight. When you do this you will become conscious of your thoughts and your eating habbits, and that will do wonders in your life. SMALL STEPS BRiNGs CHANGE.


Ask and it is given

You will receive whatever you wanted to. Don’t think for a second how all this gonna happen, powers will make everything good for you, you must have clarity in your thoughts, and it will come to you.

Listen! How you will achieve your idealized thing, if you are constantly feeling bad about it, you must feel good about that thing as if it is all yours.

I hope you visualize your dreams and make reality out of it, just don’t stop living in your.

Don’t bury your dreams, they too have dreams to remian alive. They need you to give them wings to fly and turn them into reality.

Secret book series…

Starting my series to uncover the secrets. Today’s secret is quite simple but its tough at the same time. I’ll make it simple, don’t be worry.

Continue reading…

The secret of how to become a more refined version of yourself, how to overcome all the negativity that always surrounds you every time even when you don’t want to think of it, it’s super important to know your thoughts, what you are always thinking in your head. If you become aware of your thinking process, you will come to know, at what point you are making a huge mistake. The frequency of your thoughts that you are creating, it will come back to you, your every step is the result of your affirmation, I am a believer of this Law, you become what you think, and believe me, I am what, that I saw myself years ago if you think, you can’t do anything, nature law don’t know the meaning of “Not,” it is absent from it’s dictionary.

So, first thing start affirming, whether it seems super crazy to you but give your mind the output of “you can do” and it will become your reality. Believe me, it works, whatever your religion is, this law applies to all, attract the things that you wanted to get, your soulmate, hopes, money, or anything just affirm. And give yourself time first, and realize your importance you are worthy, awesome, amazing and beautiful, everyone is precious but not from everyone, come out of the competition of life, if you are always competing then where is you, when will you start living for yourself and know yourself that is all important.

Wherever, in the world you are reading this, l just want you to believe in yourself you have got the whole world inside you, there is only need to realize it.

Much love and God bless you all, stay protected and help each other to grow. The time when you bring change; even a single moment in someone’s life, your purpose is served, create happy moments in your life then pass this light to others, there are many of us, who are shaped by society values and became grounded, keep passing hope and peace to others.

I hope you love this, and let me tell you one thing more you are unique, just start your journey with your beautiful thoughts.

May Allah Almighty bless you all. And share your thoughts as well, do you think it’s good to start this series. Just thinking to carry it on.

Peace out!

Living your life

The effort towards heights, is enough to fills a man heart.

Just keep trying even if you fall but don’t fall back always fall forward.

Start living your presnet moments instead of thinking about future, fill your every second, moment and breathe to fill your heart. Know the Power of living present. If you are living life based on daily chains of gestures, stop right there, think for a moment where you are going, what everyone is doing and differenciate yourself, Indeed, you are unique and everyone is, but to find the purpose of life, think, when you will become conscious of your mind, your actions will start to change, you will come out of the bounderies, and you will become a hyper-conscious man, it is not a bad thing to be a hyperconscious becasue only those attain wisdom, who start to analyze and pondering upon the phenomenas of life.

The question that I always come across, life is Absurd, but you know what it is, indeed, but it is a term that the world has misinterpreted, let’s make it simple, once you start thinking, you confronted the reality, you won’t be in that phase again because you break that chain, and it could be of any sort, daily life routine, doing the same things again and again, stop worrying about things, you are not living your life, just add beautful moments in your life even if they are not worthy to be cherished

Are you im search of freedom?

You will find it inside.

Let me share with you something, If you ever come across Jean Paul Sartre play “No Exit” that is an incredible piece of writing, the title don’t mean you will never be able to out of your exits and dark place but if means, you will regain freedom even if you don’t have any Exit, freedom, light, hope and the source of happiness is all within,enrich your soul. The characters in the play, intentionally choose to stay underground where there is no light. Just like Sisiphus, who accepted the punishment of Gods happily and attained his freedom in his punishment. Camu says,

One must consider Sisiphus happy, his efforts toward the heights was enough.

So the journey of your life is about to end, are you worryimg about your end, don’t be afraid of Death, Camu a Danish Philosopher has beautifully portrayed this phenomena, he says after absurd realization we die ” A happy death,” what does that mean, it means to die without regrets, don’t you think, it is really satisfying having no regrets.

You must think about your life find out your purpose in life, ask from yourself the existantialist questions, why you aee here in this world, if you want to be served, first serve others, It is the law of the Universe, you gain what you give, if you want peace, love, harmony or whatever it is, start giving it today, and it will return back to you, don’t be a Narcissist, whose center lies in self only, first find youself and after that help others in their journey, become a helping hand, tue world really needs it and the divine help will come to you afterwards.

It is a sort of letter to the world, and a message to all, you are worthy and lovable, if you think life is not fair to you think for a moment again, Is it really so? Life always gives us a chance to grow, Sometimes Rationality is not the solution of everything, most often coming out of number ls the solution to your problems. You can feel but you cannot count, you can sense but you cannot describe, the signals that comes to your are invisible as well.

Thank you so much for giving it a read, giving all my positive vibes to you,there you go🤗

Peace out!✌